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Old 06-03-2019, 07:34 PM
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Default 1970s trash in the dunes?

Hi all.

I've found a line of plastic trash eroding out of Links dunes and was interested to try putting a date to it, because then we'd know how much sand has accumulated since then, which I think is interesting. I imagined the trash would be from the 1960s caravans; however it is later than that, plus I know the caravans were on Amble Links and not on the area of Amble Dunes LNR south of the Links car park - unless I'm wrong about that (please tell me).

The trash I was able to extract was a piece of an all orange pack of McVitie's Krackerwheat with a partial 3p voucher on it that has some connection to supporting the British Olympic team, plus a pack of Smith's Chinese Quavers. After a little research I've decided that the trash belongs to either 1972, or 1976 - personally I'm thinking 1972, because 3p would have been almost worthless in 1976. I'd appreciate your input on that date and whether you agree.

The main reason I need your opinion is to tell me why there would be a line of snack trash from the 1970s in the dunes? Do you know what was happening with the dunes in that period - south of the Links car park - because I thought that Amble was still a mining town during that period rather than a tourist spot and that all caravans had gone by that date? Could it have something to do with the snack shop/hut that I've heard used to be on the dunes somewhere?

I'm curious about it. Thanks.
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Old 06-03-2019, 08:01 PM
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By that date, you are right, the caravans were no longer on the dunes, but across the road the council owned caravan park was in good health.The dunes would have been very popular around then especially during the summer months. I know from the amount of old coinage and early decimal coins that I have detected around there it has been a popular beach for a long time. I have found quantities of George 111rd cartwheel coins probablyfrom horse racing in the early 1800s and even a couple of hammered coins that were very old, I like to think from monks crossing to Coquet Island!
Its a boring bit of dunes at first glance but it has a lot to tell us if you look, as you have done with the 70s plastic.
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1970s, amble, dunes, links, trash

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