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Hi chaps ,haven't been on the forum for quite a while and just noticed this post regarding The Burn Fireclay Co Ltd. I worked there nearly 40 years ago , infact I worked there twice ,having left in 78 and returned a year or two later and have lots of info on the company .
The company started in 1923 and closed in 2000. I was lucky enough to sneak into the ransacked office at the time and save some information . A few days later all the contents of the office was burned . The closed site lay dorment for a while before they decided to demolish it . I think Thomsons was the company who dismantled the site ,sadly there was a death . A employee I believe a bulldozer driver was ran over by the same machine .
The bricks you mentioned coquet was indeed a type manufactured there .Amongst the many others there was :Hyalaxe ,Burnaxe ,Superaxe, Hardaxe, Sinteraxe all with different quantity's of ingredients such as : Silica, Titania, Aluminia, Ferric Oxide , Lime , Magnesia , Potash, Soda etc .
I've done quite a bit of videoing of the area using my quadcopters's a still shot from one of the videos.

....All my Photobucket links are now dead ,as the free service is no longer available.They are now charging $399 per year for photo hosting .Have deleted 152 photos from my Photobucket account . So, the photos I had linked have gone . I am now looking for a new photo hosting service ....another free one ....

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