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As for the dating - it doesn't quite add up is that the image appears to be from a postcard. The first photographic postcards only appeared in 1894. However, it could be a later postcard utilising a much earlier photo.

As for Beal Bank House - on the 1897 OS map there is only the house and cottage on the top-right of the bank at the T-junction as they are today. However, both theses buildings are also on the 1866 map. A smaller buioding is present on both dates on the left-hand side of the road but wouldn't appear big enough to house the eight persons present in the Kilburn household in 1901. So not conclusive.

The 1901 Census has Thomas Kilburn (vet) there and only two households are recorded on Beal Bank, the others being Mr & Mrs Tate. Both families are still there in 1911 although by this time there are only three persons in the Kilburn household.
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