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Default Broomhill Colliery Band - Thomas and Jack Maddison

I've joined the forum because I'm looking for a photograph of Broomhill Colliery Band from around 1950 that contains my grandfather. You're the experts in the field and there's no one better to ask for help.

My grandfather, Thomas Maddison, was in the band with his brother Jack, and I'm struggling to find anything online (I've tried Ancestry and contacting Woodhorn Museum - which has a photo - to no avail).

I'm after the photo as my family has recently suffered a tragedy, and I hope that in finding it I might offer my dad some comfort in this most awful time. He doesn't have many pictures of his father, and one that he hasn't come across before would mean the world to him.

There's a photo online of the band dated 1950, but that doesn't contain my grandfather - I'm not sure why, maybe he joined just after or couldn't attend that day, but I know that there are others out there.

I'm begging for your help. It's my father's 70th on Saturday and time's short. Any scan, download or online image you might have would make a world of difference. Please help me.

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