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Default Isabella Besford/Coates

Many thanks for your replies folks, I am grateful.
It seems likely the photograph may have been taken at the Brickworks then, I wonder if it was a proper visiting photographers picture?
Were others like this taken perhaps every now and then?
I guess each colliery had a brickworks attached did they?

I think the Ella Coates recalled here, must have been someone else, since I know Grandma and Grandad did marry, I have their wedding certificate and the birth certs of their 3 children.
My Grandad and one or two others in the family called his wife Bella and yes she did live with her Grandparents, as a schoolgirl at one time, I saw that on the census.
On her wedding cert her residence is down as 47 Wellwood street, which is where Lily Bell/Besford was a servant in 1911.
And a gentleman who lived at 49 Wellwood St as a child recalls a 'Bella' collecting rent for both 47 and 49 Wellwood Str, from time to time.
So I'm wondering if those two houses belonged somehow to someone in the family maybe?
(Though of course she may just have had a little job!)
I'm thinking Lily Bell/Besford was likely my Grandmas Mum, although not being able to find Bellas actual birth date is holding me back at tieing up loose ends.
Lily Bell was actually listed as Lily Kinghorn on her own birth certificate, so Johnson Bell clearly brought her up as his own, although she was born to his later wife, Isabella Kinghorn.
They make it look so straight forwards on Who Do You Think You Are - don't they! lol
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