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Default New member - Hello : )

Hi there,
I stumbled on this wonderful site, whilst looking for anything on Amble House! What a feast of information there is here : )
I'm tracing my Coates family line, which took in some Besfords and a Kinghorn too as my Dad was born in Amble.
Dad was John Edward Coates b 1921
Grandad was John Edward Coates b. 1899
Both called Jack of course!

I have a lovely old photo of a group of men at a colliery,
that might be useful for this site.
No idea which colliery, and only know 3 of the men on it.
Henry Coates, Grandad 'Jack' Coates and a man called Old man Kelly.

Not altogether sure how to share it though?

Also II am trying to find out anything at all about my Granma,
Isabella (Bella) Coates nee Besford.
Her birth is eluding me and I have 3 birth certs that aren't her already LOL
In 1921 she purported to be 21 at her wedding but I think she told a white lie!
Id be happy to post the certs that aren't her here too, if they might be any use for anyone else?

Granma - Bella Coates (nee Besford) was granddaughter to Isabella Bell
( nee Kinghorn who lived to be 106 and was "brethren").

Maybe Plymouth Brethren since I read here, there were some practising in Amble.
I have been told that when Isabella and husband Johnson lived in Amble House, harmonium playing and out of tune singing could be heard LOL
The karioki of its day maybe?!
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