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Originally Posted by Coquet View Post
Yes we do. Thought I had photographed the B section up there
I'm sure this is posted elsewhere but can't find it.

Hi – The site is pretty quiet at the moment so I thought I would ask a question.

William & Mary Jane Smailes had one more child (who survived) a daughter called Maggie who married a Mariner called Benjamin Rodney Howell (1903-1948)
They are listed as living 9 Blackwood Street on the 1939 census and BRH is listed as Coxswain R.A.F. Marine Craft – Master Mariner.

Mary Jane had married again (to AG Harrison) and was still living in William Smailes’s house at 8 Blackwood St with Eileen the daughter from her second marriage.
AG Harrison was with his parents on the 1939 census? and they have used her Smailes rather than Harrison surname on this gravestone? (her maiden name was Richardson)

Anyone know what Coxswain R.A.F. Marine Craft – Master Mariner was? He died shortly after the war? And I would love to know what happened to Maggie as she was not mentioned in her husbands will so assume she died before him and left no descendants from William Smailes line.
Was wondering if there was any local knowledge around.
Cheers Gordon.
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