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My father , Hylton Young , used to describe his childhood in Amble thus , ” I was the luckiest lad , as my Uncle John ( Young) owned the picture hall in Red Row in the 40s , and my best mate , La Craiggs, his Dad owned the buses , so we would go to the pictures for free whenever we wanted ..... !” Simple pleasures ....

I also have memories of the infant school , as my Grandma , Annie Young from Amble , was deputy head there . I have vague memories of going with my Granda , Norman Young, to pick her up after school, and meeting Miss Bell the Headteacher. Decades later , it was quite a shock to see the school had become a garage .

Hylton also used to say that when he was a kid , (30s and 40s) he and his Amble pals wondered whether , one day , Amble would grow to the extent that it would join up with Radcliffe , North Broomhill etc ...... they weren’t far wrong were they , even if it is the 2030s , 2040s or 2050s before it actually happens .....
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