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Hi, Very nice item.

this is the 1911 Census for the Beattie's:

Address: Portland Place Ashington Northumberland County:

Frederick BEATTIE, (Head) Occupation: Chemist, Married aged 44, born 1867 Aberfeldy Perthshire
Lily Catherine BEATTIE, (Wife) aged 44, born 1867 Newcastle on Tyne
Neil Robertson BEATTIE, Son, Single aged 15 , Occupation: Student, born 1896 Ashington Northumberland
Mona Frasen BEATTIE, Daughter Single aged 15, Born 1896 Ashington Northumberland

Doesn't help date the bottle though. Frederick Beattie, was recorded as working "at home" which I guess means they lived in their chemist shop in Portland Place, and he was an employer, this has a "2" written next to it, not sure if this means he employed two people.
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