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I have seen Ashington bottles in various collections, from the lads I used to dig with, I never kept much from the digs that I took part in years ago, foolish but not to worry.
Mainly the bottles were from the Grand Hotel, The Portland but I've never seen one from the North Seaton Hotel (White Elephant)which is the only fully functioning bar/hostelry still active out of the three!
Many of the bottles were from Blyth being an older port.
The digs were quite a few years back, and Morpeth turned up some amazing finds, I never knew what happened to them, but I was just a bairn at the time.
I got into digging growing up around the Seaton Hirst area of Ashington and over the road from the White elephant was a small post office behind which was a small holding of considerable size, in the embarkment that ran through the valley held all manner of glass, I regularly got a tanner, two bob from coloured glass bottles from an old fellow that came along to see what we had prised out of the ground. Big money for red glass, must've been worth a few bob.
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