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Originally Posted by janwhin View Post
Hope you enjoyed your trip north!!

When we were arranging an interment at Beach Road I had a look at the burial records for Beach Road cemetery because my grandparents, uncle and great grandfather had an unmarked plot. I got that and erected 2 headstones. No existing headstones despite the fact that a double plot had been bought.

The burial register I sourced was at Woodhorn and I uncovered the plots of Beach Road where my earlier 2 times greats had been buried. No signs because new burials have taken place over the top of old ones. This register is different to the normal parish burial register as it is specific to the actual burial plot.
janwhin - are you still around?
well taking your advice tried to find the actual burial plot today at Woodhorn found an old plan of burials but it didn't seem to be the Beach rd cemetery and the numbers didn't match the burial plot i have found (873) (used for 3 family members) I couldn't find any other info - can you offer any advice on what to ask for to find the actual plots....
The archivist was non helpful and tried to fob me off...but if you have found this info it must be available....
Thanks Gordon.
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