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Default South Broomhill etc

The thumbnail that 'Coquet' posted above shows a school that was The Wesleyan Chapel, at Barties Town. It was converted into a private residence in the 1960s. Moving south from there is the house I think you mean, set back from the road. There used to be a road down the south side of this house which led to where the Co-op Funeral Service was housed. I think this was incorporated with Amble Co-op Funeral Service when the Broomhill Co-op closed. This could well have been, in earlier times, the classroom/s of the school. South again was Central Hall and store of Broomhill Cooperative and Equitable Society. (Phew. My brain hurts now!) The Central Hall was above the Co-op and was a very nice meeting place. That was converted into Centre Parcs a collection of flats. Next door was the Co-op Butcher and further south again, the Co-op Dairy which distributed milk to Broomhill, Red Row, South Broomhill and The Drift. Next door to that was Dr Newtons house and surgery. That,in turn, was converted and became what is now Heatherdale Nursing Home.
In short, I think Alan may live next to what was the Wesleyan Chapel.
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