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NEIMME Say he was a Burma Star holder, this was awarded for service in the Burma Campaign operational area between 11 December 1941 and 2nd September 1945. There are odd complexities to WW2 Campaign medals and the Burma star is no exception. To qualify for the star you had to have already qualified for the 1939-45 Star, which required six months service in an 'operational command' ( for the army there was an exception for that star - airborne troops qualified after two months. ) If the person entered the Burma operational area within the last six months of the qualification period , but did not serve in any subsequent qualifying theatre for one of the other stars, they the were eligible for the Burma Star, but not the 1939-45 Star.

Although that not much help unless we know if he received the 1939-45 star as well.

Sold a few Burma Stars over the years.
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