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What better way to check than to go for a wander. It's private land so I didn't want to stray too close.

Click for the full-size images.

Bunker near the mast?

Does it look like a bunker you'd expect?

I also went down to what I thought was the pillbox on the roadside near Hampeth, but I've no idea what it actually is. There were no holes to suggest it was a pillbox (the side facing the road (north-west side) is completely sunken), only a single opening in the top with a decent-looking ladder down (quite a small hole, not sure I'd want to try to squeeze in there.

From the field-side (south-east side):


And down the short shaft with exposure blown up (just the ladder and a lot of rubble that's been thrown down).

I also had a look at the pillbox near Southmoor:

Not much to see here. No opening in the sides (or even a trace of a doorway), so I assume access was from above?

I had a wander down the footpath between Whittle Farm and Newton on the Moor too, seeing as it was such a nice day.

This is the quarry on the way to Newton on the Moor with the old road in front of the A1 and Newton on the Moor itself (the pit road is hidden here, but it is down there).

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