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Just a holding reply as I have sent the photograph to my Mum and Dad (87 and 89) to ask if they think it is him. All the other information is correct and is him. Apparently he is my Dad's mother's (my grandmother) cousin. I will ask M and D if they know where he was born and the other things/information you have asked for.

I was surprised to hear that his things turned up in Cumbria and will ask my M and D more about this and how this might have happened. They were really pleased that his things have come to light and wondered if any of the correspondence might have been written by my Dad's mother, Marjorie Bangay?

So family names are Marjorie (nee Lawson) Bangay and William Bangay, my grandparents on my father's side. Alexander was my grandmother's cousin. They were from Heckington, and when married lived in Cranwell Village. Uncle Alex lived there from retirement until he died.

My sisters and I have always been aware that he was well known for some good work of some sort but this has been really good to find out exactly what and I am really pleased that I came across this when researching it for my son, quite by chance.

I will let you know what I can regarding your questions, and it would be great if there was any information from your end.

Many thanks.

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