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So my point. In this lot is a one solitary photo of a distinguished looking gentleman. What I would like to know is, is this Alexander Fowler or not?

I've searched online high and low for a photo but no luck.

This is the British Geological Survey page on him:

Not much use.

He turns up on the 1939 Register, with his wife Lilian, at 15 Cleaside Avenue , South Shields. Born 8th August 1893, a Geological Surveyor.

I've had a spot of bother trying to find birth location or 1901 and 1911 census entries.

From the death indexes he appears to have died in Grantham Lincolnshire in 1980. This is almost certainly him, as in the collection are letters addressed to him at Cranwell Village, Sleaford; which is 14 mile from Grantham.
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