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Originally Posted by Coquet View Post
Hi Mick,

As you know you sent me the document a while back. I had a go with a free pdf to html converter but the document was too big. The commercial converters (eg Adobe) were too pricey for me, over 100.

I was also concerned about copyright of the odd image or two. Is everything ok in there, so to speak?

Anyway, what I have done for the time being is put it in my google docs storage (google drive?? 'My Drive' or something it is called)

You can read the John Trobe story here:
As far as I am aware, the images are OK to publish with the acknowledgements that I have included in the appendix.
I can precis it if you want and issue it to you in another format - it was composed on Word.
Thanks. Let me know if you need anything.

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