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Originally Posted by Coquet View Post
I can't find any reference to it in Hodgson's. On the 1897 map the marked antiquities for Warkworth are:

Chantry (site of)
Tower (at bridge)
Hangman's Acre

All straightforward but the last?

The medieval village 'Newtown' was close, at the other side of the beach road.
I can't find any reference to hangings or a hangman either, maybe it was just standard practice for every castle to have one? If there were hangings wouldn't that location be a bit off the beaten track to serve as a deterrent? Just off main road near the castle would nave been better assuming of course the road from the old coquet bridge follows todays path? The footpath along the back burgage plots exiting at the base of the keep at the Sun Inn seems more direct.
I played football on the adjacent pitch in the 70's and that end of the field was know as the 'Helsay End'. It was considered as the home end as we would try kick up the hill in the first half. I wasn't aware of the Hangmans reference in those days maybe there are shades of 'Newcastles Gallowgate' with an adjacent football pitch or am I day dreaming of what might have been!

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