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Well, I can give you the first part of the newspaper report published on the 29/12/1906

Problem is the digitisation of the page I'm looking at online is distorted and I cannot read the last few sentences

so it starts:

Radcliffe Woman's Death.
The Adjourned Inquiry.

The adjourned inquest which was held at Radcliffe touching the death of married woman named Anna Harbottle excited no small amount of excitement and anticipation in the district. However, the result was of such a nature as to allay any suspicions that had been caused thereby. Mr Coroner Percy held the inquiry at the Institute, and Robert Harbottle, re-called, stated that his wife had been ailing in health for a considerable time. In reply to the coroner he said deceased had been troubled with her heart and nervousness lately. She had been able to go about, but she was quite an invalid. On the Saturday previous nothing had occurred so far as he knew. She never complained of anything unusual to him. She never complained of having been assaulted by anybody. Robert Taylor, his son-in-law, told witness of an indecent assault that had been committed on his wife on the previous Saturday, the 3rd inst. He spoke to his wife about it and asked her why she had not told him, and she replied that she was afraid of causing mischief. He did nothing that night, but on the Tuesday he went to P.C. Purvis at Radcliffe and made a complaint to him about the assault. On the same night he got a message from the Superintendent of police to the effect that he would have to take out a warrant before he could do anything. He did nothing more, on account of the deceased being so feeble. Matthew McCloud came to him the same night (Tuesday) at his house, and he said he was very sorry for interfering with witness's wife. He said he was drunk at the time, and that he would never take drink anymore. McCloud was not in the habit of coming to his house.
Doctor Stumbles was called , who stated he was a physician and surgeon practising at Amble..........
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