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Talking Re. Air Raids WW2

My Father was in ARP during the war, as were several others at Broomhill and surrounds. One of our neighbours, Harry Robertson, was also a Warden and off they would go when a air raid was imminent. This was signalled to all by the 'Buzzer' at the colliery. I was born in May 1940 and Mother was very friendly with Harry's wife, so the two women kept each other company when duty called the men away. Well, one night there were several warnings and the women got a bit on edge so I was put in the clothes basket and we all set off to the colliery where it was deemed safer.. (As per the photo's from Coquet)
During transit I was deposited onto the road at Stone Row as they ran to get us all safe. They were some distance away when they realised that I wasn't where I should be. They retraced and found me, all well wrapped and still fast asleep. My Mother often told me that was the last time they went to the colliery. She made a bed under the table where we must have spent a good part of the war during the nights of air raids.
As for me, well, I didn't come to any harm and I have been a sound sleeper all my life!
I suppose, todays audience would think that it was dangerous for me to be lying there but petrol rationing and blackout orders made sure there was no traffic around. Plus the fact that there would only be a couple of families in the whole village who owned a car then.
Almost bedtime again so I'll get off and practice again, just in case there is an air raid!!
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