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Default Midwifery in Radcliffe

Well, you never know what will turn up in these old newspapers.
At the 1871 census, my 3 times great grandmother, Hannah Beverley, the wife of a miner in Radcliffe, stated she was a midwife. I took that to mean that she acted as the village midwife, having herself had 7 sons, all living. But no.....
Alnwick Mercury, 2 February 1857, at the age of 57, she is advertising her calling, as follows:
"MRS HANNAH BEVERLEY has the pleasure of intimating to her friends and patrons that she has attended the lectures and hospital practice requisite to undergoing the preliminary examination before being duly licensed to practice as a MIDWIFE; and having obtained the diploma as a legal practitioner in the obstetric art, she has only further to add that her age, experience, education, and station, will be a sufficient recommendation to those to whom she has not yet had the pleasure of an introduction.
Radcliffe-terrace, Amble, Jan. 1, 1857."

I'm astonished, I suppose she must have been at a loose end when her sons left home I wonder how many little Radclifficians she brought into the world.
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