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Hi folks. My great grandfather John Trobe was a local agricultural worker, born at Sturton Grange and living at Hartlaw until getting the call up for WW1 in 1917. He was transferred to the Hallamshire regiment on arrival in France and was blown up at Passendalle within 2 months of being there. He is buried at Poperinge. This site has been very helpful in finding out more about the lives of his family pre call up.
I have witten a document re his life that I hope will be published on the forum.
One thing that members could help me with, however, is tracing his war medals and cards that he sent from the front. All these were lost on the death of one of of my cousins. The articles were earmarked for a collecters' sale that I was going to bid on but the auction house end up putting them in a general lot that was picked up for a pittance. Luckily the family still has some of the other letters he sent back home, but his medals, war plaque and cards were all lost to us. It is a bit of a long shot, but of anyone comes across anything related to him I would be most grateful to know.
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