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Hangman's Acre . was a plot of land awarded to the Lords Hangman for agriculture use as part retainer for his duties.. Warkworth Castle was from early middle ages the main residence of the Lords of Warkworth later the Percys. They would retain a hangman. Any Executions would possibly be carried out on the Market Square or outside Castle. I have never come across a mention of a hangman ore Executions in any books . but I would think any carried out would be recorded in the Parrish(Church) records. Warkworth History Society may have info? The Hangman's Acre falls in to the Hermitage Group of Farms leased by Castle to local farmer.. Not sure if the Hangman had a home on Acre. but Birling Newtown North of River is oldest part of Warkworth. [ATTACH]hangmans acre.jpg[/ATTACH] single click to enlarge map.

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