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Pete 12-06-2010 06:13 PM

Felton St Michael
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A photo of Felton parish church

Coquet 13-06-2010 10:49 AM

Never been to this one Pete, had to look for it on the map :o

Will try and get over this Summer for a look, another big monumental inscription-transcription for me maybe.

did you notice any old gravestones - anything pre 1700? (I got this thing about the oldies now :))


Coquet 13-06-2010 10:55 AM

Here's a question for you Pete what was Felton Park used for?? was there a ww2 camp there or something - (I'm completely ignorant of felton history)

there are ground marks from huts or buildings visible on google maps:

Pete 13-06-2010 01:06 PM

Apart from studying the parish records and having a nose around the churchyard, i'm not so familiar with felton history myself Mike. (another project on the backburner) :rolleyes:
I seem to recall that felton park had a catholic chapel belonging to the local bigwigs at a time when catholisism was discouraged.
Regarding the churchyard, there are some stones from 1750's, most are in poor order. A transcription would be good to have (there may be one in book form at woodhorn pit)
Anyway i had a drive over to felton to take a photo of the church as the board had no threads and managed to knock down a fencepost with the van. I had the vicar on the phone this morning to arrange a time to repair it. I'll see if i can get him on the site, he will have some info no doubt.


Pete 13-06-2010 08:34 PM

Northumberland communities
A great site for local research

Coquet 14-06-2010 11:16 AM


Originally Posted by Pete (Post 113)
A great site for local research

Agreed. I use their map pages all the time.

http://communities.northumberland.go...adston_C14.htm nice one of Chevington Drift on that page.

Coquet 31-07-2010 02:22 PM

FINALLY....made the effort to get over to Felton and take some exterior photos of the Parish Church 'St Michael and all Angels', and see what sort of task a Monumental inscription/transcription job would entail.

Anyway a few photos first, will end up on their own page eventually if I go ahead with a transcription of the stones.

South side, looking roughly North west:

Coquet 31-07-2010 02:28 PM

Lavender lined path to the south porch:

Coquet 31-07-2010 02:34 PM

A commonwealth war graves stone stands adjacent to the path above:

447016 Private T. Bowey 9th BM Canadian Infantry. 20th November 1915 aged 30. I only yield thee what is thine, thy will be done.

Thomas Bowey was Son of Robert and Annie Bowey, of The Mills, West Thirston, Northumberland. He was 5' 5.5'' inches tall, Dark Complexion, hazel eyes, dark hair. His civilian trade as given to the Canadian attesting officer was 'Teamster'. He was declared fit for the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force on 28th May 1915.

This is the only Commonwealth War Grave in the churchyard.

(ps the 'BM' is an error on this stone, it should read 'BN' the abbreviation for 'Battalion'.)

Coquet 31-07-2010 02:39 PM

....a very interesting looking West end:

Coquet 31-07-2010 02:49 PM

The North Side. The part of the churchyard is on quite a steep hill.

Coquet 31-07-2010 02:52 PM

Another view of the North side

Coquet 31-07-2010 02:57 PM

Here lies the body of Jame Innes....... (1758)

Coquet 31-07-2010 03:01 PM

William Straker of West Thirston, 1736.....

Coquet 31-07-2010 03:02 PM

Some very interesting stones, but a massive transcription project. :)

Coquet 31-07-2010 04:52 PM

Swift/Swallow? nest with three chicks in residence in the south porch, summer 2010

Coquet 31-07-2010 05:52 PM

A Felton churchyard memorial and wild flowers:

Coquet 17-10-2015 02:43 PM

This is the soldier buried in the solitary war grave in Felton St Michael. (headstone photo further above - heavens - was that really five years ago :eek:)

Funeral of Private Thomas Bowey.

It is with deep regret we have to record another death from our parish, due to the war. In the month of May 1911, Private Thomas Bowey left his home at West Thirston to seek employment in Canada. 2 years ago, just about this time he paid a visit to his native village, and all his friends are pleased to see him looking so well. When the war broke out he enlisted in C Company of the Canadian 9th Battalion, and reached England on September 20th last. He had suffered from pleurisy sometime before sailing, but to outward appearance he was quite recovered. 3 weeks ago he was attacked by typhoid, which might have been overcome; but, unfortunately, pneumonia intervened, and his death took place in the Military Hospital, Shorncliffe, on the 20th, just a couple of hours before his sister arrived there. He was 31 years of age. His remains were sent home, being accorded full military honours on their passage to the railway station. The body arrived at Felton on Wednesday in charge of Sergeant Andrews and Privates Lewis and Dobson, who had been sent from camp as representatives of the Battalion. The funeral took place on Thursday afternoon in the Churchyard. A firing party of 12, with bugler and 6 underbearers, were in attendance from Alnwick. The coffin was covered with the Union Jack, and bore deceased cap and belt. A very large number of mourners accompanied, the villagers showing every mark of respect. Arriving at the Church "The Dead March" was played on the organ. The 39th Psalm was chanted by the Choir. After the lesson had been read by the vicar, hymn 184, "Rock of Ages Cleft for Me" was sung. The "Nunc Dimittis" was chanted as the procession left the Church. The service at the graveside concluded, three volleys were fired by soldiers, and the bugler sounded the Last Post. (AG, Dec 4 1915)

janwhin 17-10-2015 03:45 PM

Thomas Bowey, aged 27 on the 1911 census, living at West Thirston with his widowed mother and brother. Thomas is a carter at the flour mills, his brother is the miller. Son of Robert and Ann.
He left Liverpool bound for Quebec on 12 May 1911 on board the Victorian. He was listed as a labourer.

Coquet 17-10-2015 06:18 PM


Thomas Bowey, aged 27 on the 1911 census, living at West Thirston with his widowed mother and brother. Thomas is a carter at the flour mills, his brother is the miller. Son of Robert and Ann.
He left Liverpool bound for Quebec on 12 May 1911 on board the Victorian. He was listed as a labourer.

He's on the war memorial but misspelled 'Bowie'.

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