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rickt 18-04-2020 11:25 PM

Old photo
Here's an image just uncovered tonight. I'm curious to know what the buildings are on the left side of the photo. They look like some sort of concrete structures. Any ideas?
I bought a wooden box of slides at a boot sale at Tranwell many years ago. There is hundreds of them , most from the 60's,70's . Most from all over the world ....Corfu ,Yugoslavia, Crete, Corsica, Greece, Malta.etc. I did have a sneak peak at them years ago but my old scanner was for XP so was no good. I bought a new one from Aldi a few years ago but lost the install CD. I've just bought another one and installed it tonight. I grabbed a few boxes of slides and viewed some. I am amazed that some of the unlabled boxes contain a mixture of Northumberland slides, coast & castles. I was going to sell them on that well known auction site but must view them all first.
You will notice the text on the picture , for test purposes.

Alan J. 19-04-2020 01:30 PM

The tall one is the base of the original lighthouse which was sited there before the pier was extended to where it is now. The other one is the wartime blockhouse which remained for many years after the war.

rickt 19-04-2020 05:09 PM

Cheers for that. Never knew there was a structure there. This must a picture from the late 50's or early 60's.

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