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Alan 02-09-2013 10:11 AM

Broomhill School
My family and I now live in the Old School House, South Broomhill. I have done some preliminary exploration of the history of the house, and the school, and would be grateful for any further information.

janwhin 02-09-2013 01:57 PM

Hi Alan, do you actually mean the old school at Red Row?

janwhin 02-09-2013 02:29 PM

On the thread for Red Row there is a photograph of "Red Row House" which is the old school house.

I believe the Chevington schools opened about 1874 ish and tenders were placed in the newspapers in February 1878 for the building of a dwelling house for the Chevington School Board.

Derilda 02-09-2013 10:50 PM

South Broomhill Schoolhouse
Question: Alan says South Broomhill. Could he mean the large house on the north edge of St Johns Estate and which is wedged in with Hadston Estate now? There is a older type house, with garden set back from the road but which would have been on the northern fringe of South Broomhill, perhaps at the west end of where North Row was.
Just a thought because I cannot recall that house being built so it would be early 20th century. Maybe someone can find a old OS or council map of South Broomhill.

Coquet 03-09-2013 08:58 AM

Is this the one next to Elpha Lodge near the Country Parks*? Was it on a bigger plot that was subdivided recently? I cannot relate the footprint of the house as it stands to the outline of the old school- was something demolished too?

*I should add The "Country Parks" was a club / nightclub some time ago, now converted into housing which is the terrace south of you - assuming I'm in the right place. Last time I was in the Country Parks was 1992 - just where have all the years gone??

Coquet 03-09-2013 09:11 AM

Hey - there's just no privacy these days with this interwebby thingy:,,0,-1.02

you're still in the rightmove archive too:

Coquet 03-09-2013 09:14 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Still a school in the 50s?

Coquet 03-09-2013 09:16 AM

Don't want to go off topic but what was that Elpha Lodge building originally - I thought it was an old building - a chapel or something - but it's not on the 1950s map.

Coquet 03-09-2013 09:24 AM

this is as close as we have in an old photo to your place:

The club mentioned above in its original form as the Central Stores:

janwhin 03-09-2013 10:06 AM

Well, I'll go to the foot of our stairs :) There's lots of interesting buildings along there. I remember all the Coop buildings before Country Parks, Coquet, and didn't Dr Newton live along there somewhere too?

At the minute there's one building under a lot of scaffolding.

Derilda 03-09-2013 08:19 PM

South Broomhill etc
The thumbnail that 'Coquet' posted above shows a school that was The Wesleyan Chapel, at Barties Town. It was converted into a private residence in the 1960s. Moving south from there is the house I think you mean, set back from the road. There used to be a road down the south side of this house which led to where the Co-op Funeral Service was housed. I think this was incorporated with Amble Co-op Funeral Service when the Broomhill Co-op closed. This could well have been, in earlier times, the classroom/s of the school. South again was Central Hall and store of Broomhill Cooperative and Equitable Society. (Phew. My brain hurts now!) The Central Hall was above the Co-op and was a very nice meeting place. That was converted into Centre Parcs a collection of flats. Next door was the Co-op Butcher and further south again, the Co-op Dairy which distributed milk to Broomhill, Red Row, South Broomhill and The Drift. Next door to that was Dr Newtons house and surgery. That,in turn, was converted and became what is now Heatherdale Nursing Home.
In short, I think Alan may live next to what was the Wesleyan Chapel.

Coquet 05-09-2013 02:40 PM

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The Ambler states the care home next door came into existence in 1987.

I'm concerned it appears to be missing off the 1950s map!

[edit - forget that I see what your saying - Wesleyan chapel first, then school with this extra school building to the south, which is the house in question. Northern building of the school became the care home.]

Coquet 05-09-2013 03:05 PM

So would it be the 'Council School'? If so these might be the files you are looking for:


1873 - 1937

They are at the National Archives unfortunately. There is a separate set there for the Red Row school too.

Coquet 05-09-2013 03:54 PM

Morpeth Herald, June 1906
Good report in the 1906 papers for Broomhill and Red Row Council Schools evening classes:

A perusal of the report of examinations in connection with the Evening Schools and classes carried on by the Education Committee during the past winter, which has been recently issued, affords much interesting and instructive information in regard to the extent and quality of the educational work done throughout the county in addition to the ordinary day schools. No less than 14 subjects were open to be taken up in the county, and for these there were 1,895 papers worked. 1,176 (or 62 per cent) of which gained certificates. The Broomhill and Red Row Schools have more than maintained the high position of excellency which they have sustained during past years. In addition to the special mention for the general excellence in needlework tests, a county prize has been awarded for needlework to the Red Row School. The Broomhill Council School worked 72 papers, securing 15 firsts, 27 seconds, and 15 passes; and the Red Row School presented 41 papers, gaining 8 firsts, 17 seconds. and 11 passes, giving a total result of 87 per cent of passes, being considerably above the county average, a fact most creditable to the teachers. And testifying to the thoroughness and ability with which they have performed their work.
The following are the successful candidates :—Broomhill Council School : Mensuration, 1st stage (12 entries), school prize and 1st class certificate, Henry Beardmore; 1st class certificate, O. Smailes; 2nd class certificates, T. Byers, J. W. Jeffrey, J. T. Nesbit, O. Teasdale, I. Forster ; pass certificates, J. Byers, W. W. Cook, E. Kitchen, T. Knox. Mensuration, second stage 1 entry), school prize and 1st class certificate, D. Martin. Drawing, 1st stage (10 entries), school prize and 1st class certificate, R. W. Beverley; 1st class
certificate T. Byers, 2nd class certificates J.W. Trueman, O, Smailes, T. Knox, J. T. Nesbit, G. W. Wallace, J. W. Jeffrey; pass certificate, T. E. Young. Drawing, 2nd stage (3 entries). pass certificate and school prize, I. Forster: pass certificate, W. W. Cook. Commercial arithmetic. 1st stage (5 entries), 14 class certificate and school prize, J. W. Jeffrey: 2nd class. O. Smailes : pass certificates, E. Kitchen, T. Byers, J.T, Nesbit. Commercial arithmetic, 2nd stage, (2 entries), 1st class certificate and school prize. Henry Beardmore: 2nd class certificate. D. Martin. Needlework, 1st stage (16 entries), 1st class certificate and school prize, K. Kerr; 1st class certificates, Jane Martin, M. Shotton. F. Elder, A. Ord, M. Moore, N. M. Young, W. Patton, W. Thompson. B. Wallace. W. H. Beverley, M. Grey, A. Shepherd M. Mills. Needlework, 2nd stage (5 entries), 2nd class certificate and school prize, M. E. Gillon: 2nd class certificates, J. Bell, B. H. Beverley: pass certificates. M. Middlemiss, A. Miller. Dometic science, 1st stage (13 entries), 1st class and school certificate, J. A. Martin; 2nd class and certificates. N. M. Young, K. Kerr. E. Brown, W. H. Beverley; pass
certificates. M. A. Miller, A. Ord, A. Shepherd, W. Shotton, M. A. Purvis, M. J. Patton. Domestic science, 2nd stage (3 entries), pass certificate and school prize, A. Miller: pass certificate. M. E. Gillon. Red Row Council Schools.--Mensuration. 1st stage (8 entries), 1st class and school prize, Wm. Cullingworth; 2nd class certificates, T. Lyons, J. Short, R. Grey, R. Short, A. Bolton, E. Davidson; 1st class certificate, J. T. Hogg. Drawing 1st stage (9 entries), 1st class certificate and school prize, J. E. Dargue: 2nd class certificates, A. Bolton, T. Davison, J. Short, R. Short, W. Cullingworth, R. Grey, T. Lyons; pass certificate. J. T. Hay. Commercial arithmetic, 1st stage (8 entries), 2nd class certificate and school prize. W. Cullingworth : 2nd class certificates, T. Davidson, R. Grey, R. Short : pass certificates, T. Lyons, A. Bolton, J. T. Hay, J. Short. Needlework, 1st stage (8 entries), county prize and 1st class certificate, Margaret H. Varty ; school prize and 1st class certificate, Jane A. Robinson: 1st class and certificate. M. J. Rutherford, F. Smith, N. Hedley, M. A. Turnbull; pass certificates, M. J. Carr, B. Reid. Domestic science, 1st stage (8 entries), 1st class certificate and
school prize, M. J. Carr: pass certificates, F. Smith. M. A. Turnbull.

rickt 05-09-2013 06:02 PM

I'm sure there was a school in between Elpha Lodge & the old Co-op building in days gone bye . I've circled the building in red . I may be wrong though .

Alan J. 05-09-2013 06:48 PM

There was a school there my father , born 1905, went there and his younger sister , born 1917, also was educated there up to secondary standard. In my fathers case he spent his whole time there but the younger sister later went to Red Row secondary as they must have brought in a more modern type of system from original "one school right through". They lived at both North Broomhill and South Broomhil during their school time so the now existing school at North Broomhill must have come along at a later date, this probably meant the one at "Barties Toon" was abandoned.

alanpb 26-04-2019 11:05 AM

It was a long time ago that I asked the question and would like to thank all for their responses. I have also done some research at Woodhorn.
I recently obtained an ariel photograph of Broomhill School. The headteacher's house, now the Old School House is all that survives.

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