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kbuck60989 07-04-2021 02:58 PM

20 Albert St
Hi - Hope this age old request finds a home.
My late Grandfather, William Allen is listed as an absent voter from 20 Albert St. A couple of other chaps are listed there as well, although they don’t appear to be relatives.
No one in our family can remember him living there. He married an Amble lass in 1919 but moved to Victoria St.
Does anyone know if 20 Albert St was a lodging house? A Richard Dunn is listed there as a patient at a Morpeth hospital in 1896, but that is all I can find.

As this is part of tracing my Grandfather’s WW1 career any help would be appreciated - incidentally he is on the Town memorial but for his service and death in WW2.

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