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Kyudos 19-09-2021 11:03 AM

Does Anyone Know These Men?
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Hi all Coquet and Coasters,

This may be a bit of a strange longshot, but I'm trying to identify two people in some pictures from my late grandmother's effects. Grandma's family were from Red Row, Chevington, Broomhill, Amble and Ashington. Oral history from my mother tells of a local RAF aircraft mechanic, who survived the war but subsequently died shortly afterward in a propeller accident on a plane he was servicing.

We have pictures of "Syd" and mam thinks he might be said RAF mechanic.
In the close knit mining communities there, this sounds like a story that many families might know? Does it sound familiar to anyone? Does anyone know Syd?

The second pic is a Scots Guardsman called Rex...and that's about all I know. He may be local, but may not be. It seems likely he knew my grandma through her older brother, who was also a Guardsman. Does he look familiar to anyone?



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