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Grim_up_North 24-01-2019 10:58 AM

Togston Garage (Longstaffs), North Broomhill
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Hi All,

Does anyone know what was on the site of the former garage site at North Broomhill (now Togston Court).

From 1923 to 1957 some structures appear in the NE corner of the site with, seemingly, a track running to it from Togston Road (B1330).

See attached map from 1923.


PS: query buildings in pink - Club in blue, for reference

fraserj 28-01-2019 05:48 PM

My Uncle lived in Broomhill and was a driver for Longstaff's in the mid 1930's and so presumably it was a garage then. I can't remember Longstaff's being anywhere else until they moved to Amble Industrial Estate

Alan J. 29-01-2019 07:39 AM

My fathers uncle, called Ramsey, had buses prior to Longstaff and I believe operated from that site. He died in the early 30's and I presume Longstaff possible took over from then.

Michael 28-05-2020 08:29 PM

I worked there Sept 1977 to Feb 1979 As some kind of fitters mate/grease monkey/bus washer/gofer. It was my first job OK loved it but not very good pay or terms and conditions. I can remember the fitter and the drivers sticking up for me against the managers. Happy days. Left to join Army but that dident work out. I Had a job at Shilbottle Colliery lined up, Had to get some papers from Longstaffs for the Dole Office, Longstaffs offered me a fitters apprenticeship and bus driving licence but was time to go. 6 Month Mining Apprenticeship at Ashington Colliery And Ashington tec, more than doubled my wages just for training. Loved Shilbottle pit Best job ever.

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